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Visual Production

We specialize in video for business presentations and music videos.

  • 1 hour
  • Contact for quote
  • In-house or on location.

Service Description

Video is a powerful communications tool. Nothing comes closer to a one-on-one conversation, or appeals to more of the senses. The right combination of images and sound can create an unmatched emotional impact. This makes video an ideal way to deliver your message. Whether your company is large or small, manufacturing or service-oriented—there are numerous applications. We specialize in video for business, providing turn-key services from script writing to compression for web. Let us create the presentation that best serves your needs—and watch your business grow. Demonstrate your products and services, and let them “tour” your facilities right from your website as we also build websites. Your best sales person can only be in one place at a time, but a marketing video delivers your presentation in hundreds of places simultaneously. Is your new product ready to hit the market? Many products only show their best side when demonstrated live. Video is the next best thing! Studies have shown that people remember 50% more from visuals than from print. As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words...and video contains 30 pictures per second! Because video is the next best thing to having a personal instructor at home, it is also an ideal way to share education, properly train employees, or communicate new business strategies to your team. If there is any presentation that you need to deliver time and time again, video can streamline your operations. DigiWorld Entertainment has a long track record of producing videos. No matter how complicated the subject matter may be, our great visuals make it easy to understand, learn and be entertained.

Contact Details


32 Barnett Street, Hampton, Georgia 30228, USA

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